Dear Gorgeous Goddess.

I am so blessed you have found me.

You are probably here because you are going through a transformation, needing drastic change in your life or simply had enough!
Whatever your reason you are in the right place.
Let me explain why divine timing has led you here.


I have created a sacred space for women that have or are experiencing a spiritual awakening, a quickening.

A place for all the lightworkers, empaths, sensitives going through a tough time and are feeling like they are going around in circles, hitting their heads on a brick wall, so to speak……

It’s tough! You’ve been left feeling anxious, suffering, bad health, depressed, downtrodden, feeling small, frustrated because you know there’s more. You know there’s light at the end of the tunnel, you’re just not sure how to get there. You’ve had enough of putting a brave face on it.

I understand that all you desire is to live in balance in all areas of life. To be healthy in mind, body and soul, living a life of peace, joy and happiness, because that’s what you thought you’d signed up for, right?

Due to my own experiences, it’s important for me to create a space where you can feel supported, a positive space with someone you can trust.
This ‘quickening’ for me came hard and fast! Every time I up-levelled, which is a totally incredible experience, something else became highlighted and there was more, and still is more work to be done, it’s an ongoing process.


You’ve decided that you want to believe in yourself, to feel in control, to be empowered and inspired. You want to find your place, find passion, purpose, and clarity in this life.

You want to finally feel comfortable in your own skin, increase your self-esteem and confidence. Never mind if you believe that you are an introvert, you can still show up as you and rock your world as you want it to be.

You want to know in your bones, in the depths of your soul that you are good enough! YOU ARE.

Your intuition has found you here and you yearn to learn more, learn to listen deeply to your intuition, gut and heart. Train yourself to look within for the answers, see the lessons, learn from them with a light heart and grace, not to go over the blame and go to the dark side.

From here on in, blame disappears, and you look to the light side.

You Are Normal-whatever normal is

You’ve been listening to the stories that tell you that you don’t fit in, you’re different, you are lost, you have been challenged by people and circumstances around you, everyday shit is a test.

You’ve been simply ‘putting up with’ it all and not getting anywhere. Asking yourself ‘why don’t others get this, why do others simply seem to have all their shit together and I don’t.’
I’m telling you gorgeous sister, they haven’t and they are going through things that you don’t know about, they have given up, they are not on the same path, they are happy to listen to the gossip, the shit stirring as it gets them where they want to be.

You don’t want that, you can see what’s going on, you know there’s better out there and you want it! And want it now!

The answers are within you

You have become desperate to find a solution, anything that can promise to help you and have tried every modality, course, maybe even a coach you could find that ticked all the boxes, but they were full of Eastern promise and you are still left lost, some improvement, oh yes, as everything has an impact but no doubt in debt.

There are 3 things that I have learnt from the above statement, which of course was where I was, that’s how I know this so well:
1. desperate is no good, it comes from the wrong place and the ego is playing trickery, it never works. Learning to surrender is key.
2. patience needs to be learnt as everything happens when it’s meant to, and you can’t see what’s going on if you still at no 1. That’s been a hard lesson for me to learn.
3. all the answers are within you, you’ve just forgotten, you’ve become blind to it, they’re not with others that haven’t been in your shoes!

Welcome to Earth School, welcome to YOU

I understand you; I’ve been you and that is why, you are now in the right place.
I understand it has been painful.
I know because I have been there.

This is the place for you if you:
Are open minded to possibilities and ready for self-exploration.
Are wanting to find peace on this earth school.
Are ready to Balance the ego with Dynamic Ground- which is an ongoing process remember.
Are ready to raise your vibration, your intuition with grace and humility.
Are ready to learn to empower, inspire, heal yourself, feel safe and positive. Ready to Release any suffering, toleration and oppression you feel.

Want a place to release hidden realms of possibility, potential and latent abilities.


Yes! Yes! Yes! To all the above. Put away your past but learn from it.

But it is not for you if you want me to wave a magic wand, heal you or do the work for you, that my lovely, is your job.

You will learn:
• To understand your soul awakening, quickening as I like to call it.
• To piece together your soul path, your divine story, tap into your akashic records.
• about past lives and your stories, the impact that’s having on this life and how to clear the issues..
• about the generational and ascendant DNA, the visions, and the lessons that it is teaching you.
• to recall, recreate who you were meant to be, what and why is holding you back, ditch that shit.
• Understand that your past, past lives, and generations have created who you are. It is all relevant and has meaning to who you are now.
• Learn to cut the cords, the soul contracts and vows. You will finally understand your soul’s mission for this life, feel free and fulfilled.
• Ditch the anger, frustrations, blame, hurt. Become a fear-fighter.
• To free yourself of health issues, pain, and darkness- if you want it.
• Find love, grace and forgiveness.
• To balance masculine and feminine energy and rise.
• Experience shaktii, and feminine rising.
• Look beyond crystals, and cards (although has its place and I love mine).
• To look inside and trust your own instincts, the original Goddess instincts to heal yourself.
And much, much more.

If you are ready to make yourself whole, to repair, restore, rise up and set your soul alight to create peace and harmony in your life, then contact me today to start your journey from lost to goddess.

I also invite you to download / sign up to receive my free Heart Chakra Meditation today.
I am Kris, I am She.


Kris xxx

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