From Lost to Goddess

You’re an awakened woman

You want to show up as a woman that’s got their shit together, a true Queen.

But you’re afraid to share because you’re worried about what other people will think.

You want the business, the life, the feeling of fulfillment.

Maybe you’ve hired a coach or mentor in the past, or attended workshops. But they don’t  hit the mark. You want deeper guidance from someone who has been where you are.

You’re fear is running the show, while you suppress your natural gifts.

You think about giving up. You take corporate gigs to pay the bills, or take another qualification or both.

But that feeling of knowing there’s something better, something more, still pushes you to find the answers.

You have a purpose. Why can’t you just get it together and put it out there?

Others seem to be living the way you want, helping people all over the world. Why haven’t you yet?

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You’re not alone. That was me.

I used to listen to the voice in my head  that said I wasn’t good enough, didn’t know enough, that people wouldn’t understand.

I settled, and suffered and felt deflated.

For me, what it came down to was owning the truth: I was living in fear of what others might think if I actually showed up as a deeply awakened woman, intent on helping others own those same gifts.

I was afraid of being burned at the stake for having a voice, wanting to shine. I thought I had to have it all together before I began..

I compared myself to others on the same journey and thought ‘why not me.’

These are the stories we tell ourselves. It’s a pack of lies of our own creation, designed by your mind to keep you from not fitting in. Your mind’s job is to protect you after all.

But what might happen if instead you…

Decided you didn’t care what anyone else thought of your choices? Chose to give up the chains, the ceiling you’ve created? Embraced who you are, stripped away everything else, and understood your soul’s calling? Learn to balance soul, body and mind.

I hereby give you permission.

To have it all.

To remember who you are.

To take responsibility and ditch the stories.

To OWN your gifts and give them to the world.

To fulfill your potential.

Enough of the hiding.

It’s time to take the sledge hammer and break the chains.

It’s time to create that business that’s designed around your vision.

It’s time to dream again and build the empire.


The truth is you have a responsibility to step up and fulfill your soul’s calling. You came here for a reason. You owe it to yourself, and to the rest of us.


The truth is, in the process, you are allowed to be financially abundant and live on your terms.


So many awakened women, healers, therapists, coaches and lightworkers believe that in order to offer their wares they cannot charge much and they end up giving away their incredible work. Meanwhile, they spin out in scarcity, unsure how to pay the bills.

You’re a nurturer, you want to help others. But you can’t help anyone if you’re not looking after yourself FIRST. We cannot serve, heal and help anyone if we aren’t well fed, well rested and have our own bills paid.

You help more people and show up for your clients at your best when your own needs are met first.

There is no coincidence that you found me. The universe is giving you a message right in front of your eyes.

I’m offering you my life’s work. I learned all this the hard way: Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety. But I overcame all that for a life I truly want.

You’re not alone.

I can guide you on this journey, without the mistakes and pain I had to go through.

This is the place for women who want to embrace who they truly are, to throw water on the burning stake, to stare the witch hunters in the face and tell them to jog on in a grounded way.

Here, we embrace our inner power with ultimate confidence, use our voices, shine our lights and heal ourselves in the process.

You can live a fulfilled meaningful, balanced, abundant life.

Create your soul filled potential and live a life through purpose through a heart centred business.

Are you up for it?

Let’s light that shit up.


Listen to my radio interview about fibromyalgia to freedom earlier this year.
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