What can you not do without?

What can you not do without?

November 8, 2017 Uncategorized 0

What are your fave vices you refuse to give up?
Mine is coffee as I had to give up meat and fish and I don’t drink and I’ve never smoked – song there! What do you do!

Oh I overdid the coffee yesterday in our meeting! Everything in moderation!!!
Rough night, but that’s not listening to my body!

But I love a coffee. Norm once a day It is considered by many health professionals, the right coffee is healthy and good for you.

I do ?? the Java coffee that I get from Louise Mitchell which I have first thing but that’s a health drink. Still need to have a latte or a flat white. But then no more – 4 yesterday out of a percolator NOT GOOD!

I’ve even managed to give up my chocolate bingeing since having RTT and that’s incredible in its own!
So a little now and again…

What can you not do without?


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