About Kris

I am an intuitive, mystic, teacher, and mentor, a healer, speaker and excited to be a co-author of a book due to be released at the end of August 2019, called ‘Perfect Health’.

I live in Wales, UK with lots of dogs and 1 daughter, who runs an incredible bakery business.

I have 6 children altogether, so a very busy household! I have created successful businesses since I was 19 years old, opening the first beauty salon in Wales, including a gym and a training school.

My background and qualifications are in:

  • Beauty Therapist and Holistic Therapist at Champneys, Tring.
  • Teacher, Assessor and IQA
  • Reiki Master & Crystal Reiki Master and colour – humans and animals inc. animal healing and canine myotherapy
  • Life, confidence and neuroscience coaching
  • RTT Hypnotherapy with Marisa Peer and past life regression.
  • Transpersonal Psychology
  • Akashic Record Practitioner, Angel channelling with Dr. Taryn Crimi
  • Meditation Teacher amongst many other modalities.

Labelled with the woman that has it all!

But in my experience, it’s not about the qualifications, it’s a life-time of learning and experience, this life and past lives. I am a spiritual geek! a self-confessed transpersonal theories junkie and all about the powers that we can’t physically see but impact us every day.

My mission is to teach as many women and lightworkers as possible to learn how to heal themselves, mind, body and soul, to find peace on this earth, in earth school. To help you live a life of harmony and feel at home here in this life. To light up your own mission, deal with fears head on, embrace the natural energies to be the Goddesses you are meant to be.

For many years I have experienced being ‘make me an instrument of my peace’ ringing in my years and I’ve resisted, ignored it and misunderstood it. I also thought people will think I’m crazy and I will get burnt at the stake- this is actually a past life and generational memory, they call it ‘The Witches Wound,’ and it’s a real thing. So, I kept hidden from judgement once more.

Being hidden allowed me to cling on to fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, anxiety and was constantly going around in circles.  I wasn’t feeling fulfilled, I was not answering the call that my soul was yearning. I was to be a leader, a teacher and a healer.

I say healer lightly, as although I have seen incredible things happen through healing including my own transformation from bed ridden fibromyalgia flare ups that would last weeks, to succumbing to the dark side of depression and facing fear head on, including helping many others heal and transform.

We all have the power to heal ourselves.

 I truly believe we all have the power to heal ourselves, we have just forgotten that life is meant to be for living, not living in the ego that keeps us small. We all have our own gifts to not just help others but to help ourselves.

We have forgotten to trust in our abilities, or when we do it can almost seem too powerful and mind-blowing. Why? because it’s scary to have that power and yet too simple at the same time.

 I believe we can make ourselves whole through education and understanding, as well as being open minded to possibilities of what may seem an impossibility.

I fought the music in my head as I’m not a religious person, as this struck a chord with religion, probably a reminder from the catholic school I went to as a child.  I’m open minded to everyone having their own beliefs, but I don’t come under one area. I’m a total believer in the higher self and that we are our own god. I don’t come under doctrinarian of any sort.

When I read Ricci-Jane Adams book ‘I am spiritually fierce’ and Gabby Bernstein’s book ‘The Universe has your Back’, I saw that they had heard the same song, I realised that I wasn’t crazy! The yearning just got stronger.

 I have been sent a mission, my purpose that I’ve been looking for, for so, so long.

Following my path, my devotion, releasing anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis forever, understanding that emotional intelligence is actually a ‘thing’, realising I’m not alone, I’m not odd and learning how to handle my energies and emotions, has led me to realise that through the ups and downs of fighting fear, replacing it with love of self and others, that others are going through the same thing-it wasn’t just me.

I believe I have had this life, and many others besides, to help others right now with my experiences.

It’s bigger than crystals

Being told constantly ‘it’s more than crystals, it’s bigger than that’ in my ear through my intuition and being an avid crystal healer and teacher was difficult to understand why I could rely on something within, rather than outside of me.  I gave in to the resistance, surrendered to my intuition and understood the calling, learnt to believe and trust myself, as this is what I am here to teach, it’s bigger than me, it’s about you.

It was listening to my intuition that led me to the path of searching for my purpose. Releasing extreme pain in my life, led me to the incredible women and modalities that I have received and been taught. Intuition that has turned into manifesting the life I want to create, a healthy, happy life, living in purpose, feeling whole and fulfilled.

I can help you do the same.

Has anyone told you that you are held and loved today? You are held-just call it in. You are loved.

I love you.

Kris (with a K) xxx

In memory of someone that helped me see who I was, a long time ago, that I’ve only recently recognised x

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