10th March, 2019 – It’s bigger than me- My story that is.
Spent the day with some incredible women and phenomenal speakers at an International Women’s Day event today, stepping up, owning who they are.
Hearing these transformational stories, I found myself once again this week understanding the power behind a story and asking myself why I haven’t been sharing mine.

 I heard about a former singer who nearly died giving birth and life changed dramatically. A former ice skater who became homeless and pregnant on the streets.  Both of whom faced fears, learnt to use the voices and create incredible coaching businesses impacting thousands of others.

Why wasn’t I on the stage? I should’ve been up there. I could have had an opportunity if I’d reached out, but I didn’t because in a matter of moments I’d allowed my mind to talk me out of a potential opportunity. I may not have had the option, but who knows? I didn’t ask.

I didn’t use the power of 3. 3 seconds can change your life. To say yes to yourself or allow the doubts to take over. That day I gave in.

I’ve actually hidden my story from most. One reason was because even though I had been hiding with fibromyalgia, I hadn’t allowed it to define who I was, so many didn’t even know I even had it because I’d show up anyway. I wasn’t a victim.  Through various methods I’ve been able to get rid of fibromyalgia and other things out of my life. That time I didn’t give in. I used the power of 3 repeatedly and changed my life.

But it didn’t seem powerful enough of a story because I hadn’t owned what my story meant to others and the incredible transformation I went through.

The impact this has on others. I was keeping it to myself!

Lately, I’ve been sharing my story, as I’ve understood the power of what I did and how others are in incredible need to know that they can change and how to change their business and live life on their terms.

Yesterday I decided to use the power of 3.

I gained a speaking gig, put my name forward for another and was offered 2 podcast interviews and 1 FB live interview by the time I came home.

I believe that we are all given bad and good experiences in life to learn and grow from. Experiences shape you, transform you. When you decide to get through to the other side, that’s your power.

That’s what you should be talking about. That’s what you should be teaching others.

Owning my shit. Speaking up. Owning who I want to become. Sharing my story as it’s bigger than me.  Are you really sharing yours?

Literally in the blink of an eye, you can decide something that will change your life.