Hack The Crystal Codes




Welcome to Hack the Crystal Codes.

This is an 8-week accredited certified programme designed to show you the ancient methods with a modern twist, to help you understand the extraordinary benefit crystals bring to our health and well-being – when used properly.

It’s designed so you take it at your leisure, but there is a time limit if you wish to go on to take the practitioner course and beyond. due to marking constraints and accountability.

Crystals are known to help with meditation, finding clarity, improving health. They are even the code-keepers in Akashic record work.

You’ve been intrigued by their power.

You feel the pull of their magnetism.

You want practical knowledge you can use every day to enhance your life.

You want to feel balanced, understood, protected.

You want to use them to recharge yourself in a moment and be guided to the right answers.

This program will show you how to:

  • Align and ground yourself
  • Give ultimately clarity of purpose and understand your magical gifts
  • Increase confidence and stand in your own power
  • Heal old wounds – physical and emotional
  • Increase abundance
  • Ignite your creativity
  • And much more

It’s so much more than Crystals.  This programme will allow you to go within to find the answers, and to connect out to those around you and out to the world.

They work at cellular level on the mind, body and soul, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This is for you if you want to develop your love affair with the gifts that the earth has to offer.

You’ve never seen another self-healing crystal course like this before.


What’s inside:

  • Crystals are not New Age and have been used for millennia
  • The physics behind how they work
  • Picking, preparing and programming your crystals
  • How they impact every cell in you and beyond
  • How to armour yourself through daily crystal practises
  • How to empower yourself and embody who you want to be
  • Setting up crystal grids at home to protect and clear boundaries
  • Self-care and healing through crystals and chakra clearing
  • The art of giving and receiving to decrease burnout
  • How to balance the subtle bodies and understand chakras
  • How to perform a healing treatment on yourself and love ones
  • How to use them to enhance your intuition
  • How to meditate with crystals to increase the power of both modalities
  • How to use crystals to energise you and your home
  • How to balance emotions
  • How to make elixirs and sprays to expel negative energies
  • Understanding the basic chakra crystal layout
  • How to be a grounded Goddess in an instant and observe others change in front of your eyes
  • Understand how to raise your vibration, keep it there
  • How to live in a 3D world whilst ascending to a 5D being
  • How to build in daily, trackable, manageable routines to implement spiritual practises, be healthier, happy, more confident you
  • Tasks to complete to deeper the level of understanding and heal yourself.

This is for you:

If you’re passionate about crystals

If you want to go the next level in understanding yourself

If you want to take back your power, and feel in control of everyday life.

Want to deepen your knowledge of other realms of other consciousness.

If you want to bring balance through building in steadfast daily transformational routines into your life

If you’ve decided enough is enough of playing small, being hidden and not having the life you thought you were going to have.

If you want to build in tolerance to live on this earthly plane and find a balance between the materialistic and spiritual worlds.

If you want to feel whole.

If you’re ready for action and take the transformational steps to push through the pain barriers to release, health issues, emotional issues, skin and body issues, panic and anxiety, exhaustion, fears of judgement and guilt.

If you’re ready to detox your life and step up into who you were meant to be at soul level.

Or simply want to learn an easier way and understand about chakras and crystals.

Or you are thinking of becoming a crystal therapy practitioner

This is not for you:

If you’re not ready to do the work. It takes commitment! This is a certified accredited course.

If you’re comfortable staying where you are- said no one ever!

If you believe life and the world owe you a living and it’s everyone else’s fault – no niggling Nancy’s or victim Vicky’s here!

If you’re not ready to invest in yourself and take steps to have it all.

If you’re going to keep listening to the excuses and stories that you’re telling yourself, why you can’t have the life you wanted, why you believe you have to have health issues and relationship problems, that you accept life is just hard and that’s it!

If you’re not ready to take responsibility for everything and allow change to happen.

If you’re not ready to step up and commit to the tasks in the programme- I can’t do it for you.

Contact me for a chat about the course https://krisdavies.as.me/letschat

How it goes down:

  • Amethyst option
  • 8 Modules to work through plus introductory manual
  • Dedicated FB group for support
  • Meditations/hypnosis scripts to accompany the crystals
  • Chakra Activation Cards


  • Sapphire option: as above plus includes two 1-1 calls with me and crystal kit.
  • Diamond Option: work 1-1 with me for 12 weeks where we deep dive into your personal needs and create the life you want.

I’ve combined the mind sciences with ancient practices to help you remember who you are, learn to set up coping strategies for everyday life and use these incredible orgasmic gems to balance your life.

You come out owning your shit, understanding crystals on a whole new level. This work helps you to release the past and embody who you were truly meant to become.

Testimonial from past clients-

‘Loved the introduction to crystal course and can’t wait for more.’ – Leigh Colwill-Downs

‘Having a dozen crystals at home, but not knowing what they’re called or what they are for. I needed someone to help me. Well I found one ” Kris’s crystal Introductory workshop ” was incredible, her knowledge and ease was just what I needed .. an experience not to be missed.’- Kim Main

‘Kris is amazing. It’s changed my life. Due to the things that were revealed to me I was able to drop shackles that have bound me for my whole life. I can honestly say that Kris is intuitive, wise, caring and funny. All the exact qualities I needed as I went through this journey with her. You will not regret working with her. It will change your life for the better.’ – Miriam Harper Ansley.  Health & Wellness Coach

‘Working with Kris has been an absolute life changing experience for me, & I cannot express enough gratitude for the change that has been triggered in my life and in my business. She has made me realise my worth in ways I had never even considered before. I know where I’m going, what I’m doing, and the sky isn’t even the limit! She has catapulted me forward to a place that would have taken me years to get to on my own, if at all, & has helped me dream bigger & realise that there are no real excuses that wash when it comes to working towards your dreams. I feel much more confident and articulate about my business, & I am getting out there and getting visible in ways I didn’t think possible! She is truly awesome, and I will be forever grateful for what she’s done for me.’ – Holly Charles. Spiritual Coach, Holistic Therapist and Modern Day Mystic